Way of the Gun, Matt Keyser

Movement, Lillie Bosfield

Day in the Life 2020, Bernadette Rodriguez Lopez

Creepy Cathy's Revenge Trailer, Alex Malan

Barbiccimo, Brett Riveira

This is quarantine, AngelynneV

Beauty Mark, Lizzy Brent

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend CSUF, Julia Mitchell

Apartment 187, Madison Hall

An Unforgettable Love, Nicole Higdon

Summer BBQ'in, Carlos Cordova

The Chase, Mike Robbins

Untitled, Jacob Alvarez | This rich and compelling story thrives in such a simple, evenly paced presentation. It's well shot, free of distractions and full of message.

Strangers, Alex Bosserman | This is a music video for the song Strangers by Portishead. It's incredibly powerful, surreal and voyeuristic. You want to look away but you can't. As you may have guessed, Alex had some video experience before he made this film.

Untitled, Cassie Chang | This one’s all about visual storytelling. The theme and its metaphor are familiar to the viewer (the clown as a symbol for someone who’s happy on the outside but hurting in reality). Because it’s familiar, the viewer doesn’t need language to follow the narrative. You just enjoy it and wait for it transport you to a poignant ending with a funny music twist.

Rainbow Cupcakes, Marissa Cordova | I love love love this. It's fun to watch, for sure. But it's also well planned and mostly well shot. To give you some context, Marissa uses this project to poke at some of the rules and restrictions of the Project. Personally, I love the attitude.

Dustin Cornejo, This is Megan | This video does a good job of capturing the energetic, yet quiet, creativity of its subject, Megan. Wide open, natural lighting and wonderful camera angles and points of view. Excellent use of voiceover of Megan explaining her approach to photography.

A Successful Failure, Natasha Cuenco | This is a really good example of a long feature story. It’s the variety of shots and angles that keeps you interested in hearing the story told through voiceover in the subject’s own words.

Laisse Seul, Angelina Dequina | If you’re going to do parody, jump in with both feet (or in this case, four paws). A great concept. This parody of French film noir is funny as merd.

The Perils of Parking, Nicole Friedman and Jacob Harris | Good information, simple. The b-roll matches what is being talked about. The camera audio could be better, but that's a matter of having the equipment more than the student's effort. The VO is telling most of the story, and it's timely and worthwhile.

Mr. Fluffers, Brandon Le | This short film tells a complete story in under four minutes. It’s very well written and planned, a good reminder that the work you do before the shooting and editing is really the most important.

What is AD? Kayla Martinez and Chelsea Montefalcon | These ad majors did an excellent job in this video of promoting the Ad Club. The video is fun, energetic and filled with lots of information about the club. It's a great piece of marketing. In fact, you should join the Ad Club.

L'Aventure, Brennah Pohlmann Moellendorf | If you're a fan of Wes Anderson's films then you will love this video, which is an homage to Moonrise Kingdom. It's a wonderful, quirky story with many great shots, camera angles and locations. There are some sound issues in a couple of spots, but getting good sound can be a real challenge.

Just Another Day, Autumn Roh | An excellent use of splitscreen is the driving force in this warm, lighthearted film. That is very well shot, by the way. It's surprising that Autumn and her dog, Thumper, have such a similar daily routine.

Sometimes music is the best therapy, Lani Romero | If you don't smile while watching this film then you must be dead. A well shot and acted story showing how music can make your worst day better.

Meeting with Bill Shumard, Trevor Vernola | This is a good example of real-world use of a class project. This student either worked with or was doing an internship with Special Olympics, so he had access to the CEO. In this case, use of outside footage was critical to tell the story. It's a nice clean three-minute package.